Are You a Touring Poet?

Want to perform in Houston? Here’s what you need to know:

1. Individuals are welcome to make unsolicited requests for features provided we have feature spots available on our schedule. We offer no compensation, honorariums, or percentages of the door. Poets may sell merchandise and can keep all the proceeds from the sales of their merchandise.

2. Unsolicited requests for features from poets with whose work we are not familiar must send an audition tape to: Writer’s Ink c/o Cedric Ary 3800 Sherwood Lane #162 Houston, Texas 77092. We can’t afford to send the tape back to you.

3. If we solicit a poet to feature here in Houston it will be at a minimum rate of $75.00 per half hour set. Travel arrangements are negotiable. Room accomodations are at our discretion (if we can’t afford a hotel room for you, we may have to make other arrangements)

Thank you for your interest in performing here in Houston, and may the verse be with you.

Cedric Ary
a.k.a. Brother Said

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